Monday, October 10, 2011

the sound of the sea sinks into me here.
blue grey expanse of water that knows its
form and movement. it knows where to be
& it is there. always there.
lapping against the shore. these rock bluffs
that let me sit while i sit with them.
they know where to be as i know.
moving pattern. water that wraps this place.
these rocks erode as i decompose. both unnoticed.
boats float on this landscape almost silently.
i sit here quiet, being as all things are
being. the rain falls. water being water. it
knows where it is to be. cyclical. the pattern
changes. dots upon this patchwork quilt of sea.
i listen. an audible pattern of movement. the
sky is grey & its tone unmistakable. the sea
of the sky. a mirror of the earth & its ingredients.
i move just as it moves. the islands sit silently
& green. this grey makes green & creates the same
movement that is in this skin.

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