Friday, October 14, 2011

all of the boats from all of the worlds are arriving
i hear this tap tap tapping
but i know i will not drown
this sea from the sky will let me float
let me float
let me float
oh please, please, let me float.
these wooden planks above me
this overgrown jungle reaching for my skin
trying to take me back
this tap tap tapping
this sea from the sky
this rain sound. this hammering.
this "let me in, let me in please! please!"
i want to open the door
i want this water to rush over me.
take me away. take me! take me!
the boats with their lights in waiting
they know i will not resist
my desire is too strong.
"open the door, open & float, open & float."
this unknown
this bleak darkness dotted with starlit boat masts.
flags in the wind
hair swept back. preparing. preparing.
"open & float, open & float."
unlocking the door
watching the water flow through this splintered wood.
overgrown tropics
rush. rush. rush.
i'm holding back
pushing against this wave. this overwhelming. this saviour.
my arms ache & give way to this new landscape that picks me
up. legs lifted
& i float, drift from the doorway and out into this
sinking jungle.
my body undulates on top of this sea. above, sun rises.
calm. float. let go. eyes closed. soul calm.
warmth on this skin that feared so of the sound of
that tap tap tapping
that patter on this sea that carries me.
i float. i float. float. float.
hold me. hold me. hold me.
tap tap tap...

- parcel - wherein she realizes she is beautiful, and is capable of beautiful things
(myself & fraser)

listen to the track here: open envelope collection

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