Saturday, January 28, 2012

watching the sun set a pastel sky on a january afternoon
the mountaintops glow gold white light
water tide. the oceans pattern, vibration.
a continuous rhythm. each slow motion crash against these weathered stones.

i am a stone.
sitting quiet. still.

helicopters & float planes lace above me in the cyan depths of atmosphere.
a fading drone of sound
fog in the distance near unknown islands
lit up amber haze.

parting skies leave bright white clouds as torn insulation
grey shafts of light over this sea. rain.
ferries seem slow from afar. leaving horseshoe bay and crossing to duke point.

cargo ships of colour close to shore.
tugboat companions.
lighthouse park. i will go there tomorrow.

sailboats. no sails. no wind. a pull to shore.
larger waves hit the shore now.
i guess a large vessel passed.
i missed it.

a powder shimmer gold across the horizon now
like a streak of eyeshadow across the eyelid of a child who has found their mothers make-up.

the sky dances slowly but beautifully tonight.

01.12.12 tower beach

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