Sunday, October 3, 2010

this post is different from artwork, poetry, or stories.
this is a recipe.

for the mushroom cook-off i made tempura enoki mushrooms with an accompanying plum mint chili sauce and i am going to give you the recipe for the sauce because it was delicious.

you will need:

16 small plums
one or two small red chili peppers, depending on how spicy you want this sauce
a handful of fresh mint
salt and pepper
a few tablespoons of sugar
you will also require a handheld blender or food processor.

how to make it:

cut open all of the plums and remove the pit, chop them up small style and throw them in a pot with maybe a bit of water and some sugar, salt, and pepper.
boil this down till it becomes soft and syrupy.
chop up the mint and throw that in with the minced chili peppers.
stir that around and maybe turn down the heat and let it sit for a bit.

use a handheld blender or food processor to blend the plums into a sauce and then let simmer for five to ten minutes stirring every once in awhile so it does not burn!

then toss into your fridge for the night, the flavor is so much better if you do this.

this can be served hot or cold and is great on toast, sandwiches, as a sauce for anything really.

spicy, minty, sweet.


photograph by jen clark

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