Thursday, May 6, 2010

"when do we move forwards?" she said.
"first we must step backwards, then we can move forwards. want to play chess?" i replied.

no more questions. just silence.

i can always hear your raspy breath leaving your decaying body. that's fine,
i guess. it's practically silence. at least
i know of your decay. i'm glad i know
your heart won't continue to beat because
it lets me know to let go. it's not rapid, it's just like the rest.

"are you sure you don't want to play chess?"
i ask again.

i think about battleship. we never want to
drown each other, we just want to sail away.

"i'm going to stare into your eyes until you blink."

eyelashes on your freckled skin.
you collapse into the grass
i place your collarbones in my breast pocket
& leave your heart and fingernails for the birds buried in the earth.

keys don't open all doors.


Bex said...

the battleship line melted my heart.

knotted thread said...

most people that have read this or that i have read this to say that. that line hits home the most too.