Saturday, February 27, 2010

these woodpeckers congregate in my neighbours yard.
filled with dead leaves, brambles and small figurines.
bird baths and feeders, wooden homes.
early morning till late afternoon they are there.

they try to use the feeders but they are much too big. the other birds do not seem fond of them.
they stand on the tops of the telephone poles and peck.
it echos for blocks, this ringing, tin sound.

when you watch them perform this act of absurdity you wonder their purpose
they cannot create a home there.

it seems they could be calling a friend. someone to help. a mate.
when another arrives they stare at each other
the first flies away.
the other may peck but often flies off after a try or two.

they all sit in the trees.
some peck at each other.

they seem to be fine with the time they spend together.

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